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JBE Imports are a UK Importer and Distributor of premium spirits, with a growing portfolio of products. We work closely with all our brands as ambassadors and brand developers using our strong relationships with wholesalers, retailers, premium bars, restaurants, and drink enthusiasts to have our portfolio appreciated in the UK.




We first started importing in September 2013. Our first products were the launch of the exciting and vibrant Cuban Favourite of Ron Cubay Rum, followed by Palma Cristal and Cubanero Beers.

Early 2015 we increased our portfolio to offer the famous Cuban rum Santiago De Cuba,


Late 2015 we expanded to products outside of Cuba and were extremely excited to be chosen as the importers and Brand development of Tomahawk Maple Whisky, Tomahawk Maple Cream and Shefford Manor Rye Whisky. Recently the distillery changed hands and in 2020 we are still waiting to reintroduce Tomahawk back to the UK.

March 2016 saw further expansion to bring the Arctic Vodka and Gin brand Isfjord to the UK - we were really impressed with the super soft and elegant spirits created, once blended with Iceberg Water. These products have been complemented with two Premium Arctic Whiskeys.


We stopped importing Isfjord in Jan 2020.




2017 has seen two new additions - Ms Betters Bitters, and most recently, Bareksten Gin, a  highly awarded and International brand from Norway.

2017 - Ms Betters Bitters, handcrafted on the West Coast of Canada, with organic herbs and roots. A range of 16 Bitters and the worlds first Vegan Foamer - Miraculous Foamer - for cocktails.

Spring 2018 sees another  spirit brand addition to JBE imports – a fine collection of spirits from the west coast of Canada, and significantly Vancouver’s first micro-distillery - Long Table






June 2019 Fortunella, a Fresh, citrusy, bitter and aromatic liqueur came into the JBE   portfolio


July 2019 -  Kleos, distilled from Mastiha, the resin secreted from the trunk and branches of the mastiha tree found only in Greece, was another addition to our list of premium products.



Dec 2019 -  Bouvery CV, a rich dark chocolate liqueur, created by Danny Bouvery was added to the growing list of premium drinks.





June  2020 Lovers Rum, combining styles of five very distinctive Latin American and Caribbean rums, added to our portfolio


The Mallorca Distillery joined us after seeding the brand into the UK themselves, we took over UK importing later in 2020



We started the year strong with La Forza from The Lovers Rum launching, as well as Ultra Premium Tequila, Suave Tequila. We further enhanced our offering by expanding to Italian Wines, taking on 4 brands, including the Franciacorta brand, Romantica. The prosecco Brand, Borgo Barrel, and the wine brands Gaierhof and Vini Panacea.


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