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Some more signature cocktails coming soon for our portfolio.


Below added on 17/11/2016

TomKin Knocking


We have created a twist on a "blood And Sand" cocktail with the help of Timmy Falzon of Burlock.


Who or what is TomKin...Dreamt up in wild nightmares, and brought to life by run away minds! Does he have a pumpkin head? Does he carry a Tomahawk axe... Or 2 - one in hand and one stuck in his Head? Did he use to be Native American or did he come from the allotment? Or do you just hope it's the tree knocking on the window. Who knows... But he is out there and he could be your next knock at the door. Tap tap tap with his Tomahawk axe.


TomKin Knocking


50ml Maple Whisky

12.5ml Pumkin Re'al

12.5ml Lime Juice

12.5ml dry Vermouth

25ml orange Juice



Served in champagne Coupe

TomKin Knocking
TomKin Knocking
TomKin Knocking
TomKin Knocking


Created by Georgi Radhev - Mahiki Bar Manager


Ron Cubay Carta Blanca 40ml

Re'al Cream Coconut 15ml

Vita Coco 50ml

Lejay Apricot Brandy 15ml

Lime Juice 10ml

Angostura Bitters 10ml


Method: Swizzle

Ice: Crushed

Garnish: Pineapple, umbrella, and Cherry


Das Digestif by Kieran Rocks of Merchant House, Bow Lane

40 Skin Gin

20 Ruby Port

20 Gingerbread Syrup (made by dissolving 500g of dark brown sugar in 500ml water and adding 1x tbsp ground ginger, 1xtbsp ground cinnamon, 1x tsp ground nutmeg and 1x tsp vanilla essence)


Method - Shaken

Glass - Coupe



Das Digestif by Kieran Rocks

Santa Baby by Dan Davis - Monin UK Brand Ambassador



35ml Isfjord Vodka

15ml Monin tangerine

15ml Monin Rasberry Liquor

35ml cranberry juice

15ml lemon juice


Method – Shaken and Double Strained

Ice – Cubed Ice then Crushed ice on top

Glass – Rocks




Santa Baby by Dan Davis

Arctic Circle Secrets by Simone Marvulli of Holborn Dining Room


50ml Isfjord Gin

20ml home-made Cinnamon and Orange Syrup

5ml red wine reduction

25ml fresh Cranberry Juice

25ml fresh lemon juice

1 egg white

Garnish orange peel and Cinnamon


Method – Dry and Wet Shake


Glass – Goblet Glass with block ice

The Secret of the Arctic Circle

Mele Kalikimaka – Created by Georgi Radhev, Bar Manager of Mahiki, and owner of the Spirit of Tiki.




Cubay Anejo - 50

Sorrel wine - 20

Port - 20

Re'al Ginger - 15

cranberry - 20

Lemon juice - 10

Pineapple juice - 20


Method- shake

Glass - Christmas House

Ice - cube and cup crushed

Garnish - pineapple leafs, Ginger julienne, cinnamon sticks and hibiscus flowers.


Mele Kalikimaka – Created by Georgi Radhev

Christmas in Canada by Terri LuNa Kam – Burlock London


25ml Tomahawk

20ml Santiago de Cuba 12

50ml Mulled Apple Juice

15ml Lemon Juice

1 Bar spoon Honey

2 Dash Orange Bitters

-Egg White of 1 Egg-


Method: It's dry shaken/ shake with ice, double strain

garnish : grated nutmeg and a thin apple slice

Glass: Margarita Glass



Christmas in Canada by Terri LuNa Kam – Burlock London

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