The Story of ISFjord


In 2007 ISFJORD discovered the amazing characteristics of distilling spirits with one of natures best kept secrets: The extremely pure and soft water from icebergs that naturally break from the Greenland Ice Cap and into the sea in Ilulissat in the far north of the Polar Circle.

ISFjord Gin
ISFjord Vodka

ISFjord Premium Arctic Gin


This new super Premium Gin from the Arctic’s of 44% alc. has already proven to be in the absolute world league of Gins. Awarded the ISC 2012 Silver Award at the International Spirits Challenge in the UK for its unique quality and excellence.


Distilled with 12 of the finest botanicals. Carefully well balanced with a full scent of juniper berries, making way for lemon grass and the soft tones of angelica root, a little touch of cardamom, ending with a slightly sweet and bitter tone of orange. Not to mention the remarkable smoothness from distilling with the iceberg water of Greenland.


700ml bottle - 44% Alc vol –

6 bottles a case

ISFjord Premium Arctic Vodka

Based on the finest Blonde wheat, distilled five times, and blended with super soft and pure iceberg water from Greenland, ISFJORD Premium Arctic Vodka is the new true super premium vodka with an unparalleled smooth feeling and taste for the sophisticated and conscious audience.


Superb for a straight up shot – with or without ice – or for any vodka based drink or cocktail. ISFJORD Premium Arctic Vodka simply goes with everything.


700ml bottle – 44% Alc vol – 6 bottles a case


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Water that has been preserved as ice for 180,000 years, hidden from the outside world, sealed from any pollutants and almost all forgotten. Until the icebergs scatter into millions of ice pieces and local ice-men harvested a few of the  and melted them into the purest natural water on Earth.

ISFjord Premium Arctic Whisky #2

A unqiue lightly peated single malt Whisky, made with Ice water from the Arctic regions. Matured in ex Bourbon casks and finsihed in new american oak casks.

The result is a gentle, fruity whisky with rich notes of caramel, chocolate, and vanilla.

Smooth and Lightly peated whisky, for the lovers of peated whisky


500ml bottles - 42% Alc vol - 6 bottles a case

ISFjord Vodka
ISFjord Vodka

ISFjord Premium Arctic Whisky #1

A very smooth and cmplex single malt whisky, made with ice water from the arctic regions.

Non-peated and matured in the finest Oloroso Sherry Casks from Spain.

A smooth whisky with a taste of vanilla, Chocolate, and loads of dried fruit.

For all whisky lovers with a sweet tooth.


500ml bottles - 42% Alc vol - 6 bottles a case

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Always drink responsibly

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