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During the Prohibition era in the 1920s, when liquor was perceived to be a moral sin in most of North America, many Americans came to Quebec to purchase their Liquor supply. Indeed Quebec was one of the only places where it was still possible to procure quality Whisky. There was, at the time, a man in the Eastern townships said to have mastered the art of mixing Whisky like no other. He came by the nickname of the "Apothecary".


He owned a hunting lodge, Shefford Manor, where many Americans came to taste the best liquor in the area. According to the old folks, the Apothecary's clients hid bottles in logs, which they then threw into the Missisquois Bay. The current would then float the bottles across the border to Vermont, in the U.S.

It is thanks to the Apothecary and men like him who braved the Law and continued to make quality Liquor, that Shefford Manor Whisky is available today.

Shefford Manor 3yr old

100% Canadian Rye Whisky


Aged 3 year old in the same barrel


700ml & 50ml

40% abv

Cases of 6 bottles and

 20 mini bottles

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Shefford Manor Canadian Rye

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