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JBE Imports are a UK Importer and Distributor of premium spirits, with a growing portfolio of products. We work closely with all our brands as ambassadors and brand developers using our strong relationships with wholesalers, retailers, premium bars, restaurants, and drink enthusiasts to have our portfolio appreciated in the UK.

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Love, Fortitude and The Star

Mr Daiquiri Pte Ltd, led by the renowned bartender David Cordoba, is a company specializing in the creation of innovative and high-quality rum products. The company aims to break traditional codes while adhering to category guidelines, combining modern elements with art and design to produce a diverse array of blended, single estate, cask strength, and natural artisanal rums.

David Cordoba, also known as “Mr Daiquiri,” is a prominent figure in the global spirits and cocktail community. With a background as the Global Ambassador for Bacardi Rum, he has travelled extensively, educating and training bartenders around the world. His expertise and passion for rum are reflected in the unique and multi-dimensional rum programs developed by Mr Daiquiri Pte Ltd.

The company's flagship products include The Lovers Rum, La Forza Rum VIII, and The Stellar Rum XVII, each offering distinct flavours and experiences crafted from a blend of rums from Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. Mr Daiquiri Pte Ltd continues to innovate and explore the best in flavour, utilizing both modern techniques and traditional distillation methods.

Our brand embodies a social lifestyle and caters to individual palates with premium, multifaceted products.

The Lovers Rum - The Lovers Card

The Lovers card represents relationships, harmony, and choices. It often signifies romantic love and deep connections between individuals. In a broader sense, it can also point to the importance of making decisions that align with one's values and beliefs. For The Lovers Rum, this card reflects the harmonious blend of various rums from Latin America and the Caribbean, symbolizing unity and the art of bringing together distinct elements to create something special.

The Lovers Rum blend features five distinctive Latin American and Caribbean rums. This rum starts with a delicate initial taste combined with an aromatic, fruity, and sweet nose. The complex palate includes peppery notes, dryness, and delicate tannins, finishing with roasted walnut, banana, black pepper, tobacco, and smoky oak tannins. This blend includes:

  • Barbados: Roasted walnut, banana, black pepper, tobacco, and smoky oak tannins.
  • Nicaragua: Cola and wood aromas, dark roasted coffee with a hint of chocolate
  • Guatemala: All-spice, cacao, banana, root beer, cashew, cinnamon, and vanilla bean.
  • Dominican Republic: Cinnamon, vanilla, and toasty coconut with woody vegetal and herbal notes.
  • Panama: Smoky oak and vanilla with dark chocolate and dry finish.

The Lovers Rum is versatile and can be enjoyed in both classic rum cocktails and contemporary drinks. Its complex flavour profile makes it suitable for sipping neat or over ice.

The Lovers Rum Cocktails:

The Lovers Daiquiri:

  • 60ml The Lovers Rum
  • 30ml Fresh Lime Juice
  • 2 tsp Sugar Cane

This simple yet balanced cocktail is perfect for any occasion.

Palma Orange Blossom

Rum Old Fashioned:

Combines The Lovers Rum with a dash of bitters, sugar, and a twist of orange.

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club:

  • 60ml The Lovers Rum
  • 20ml Velvet Falernum
  • 15ml Orange Curaçao
  • 30ml Fresh Lime Juice

Garnish with preserved cherry or lime zest.

La Forza Rum - Strength

The Strength card signifies courage, patience, and inner fortitude. It illustrates the power of gentle persuasion and the ability to overcome obstacles with grace and resilience. This card emphasizes the importance of having control over one's raw emotions and channelling them constructively. For La Forza Rum, Strength represents the robust and complex flavours achieved through careful blending and the balance of intense and subtle notes.

The La Forza Rum blend combines five distinctive Latin American and Caribbean rums with an initial aroma of leather, toffee, and tobacco, followed by fruit cake and marzipan. The palate reveals a surprising dry taste with rich fruit, liquorice, and deep oak spices, evolving to notes of roast banana and mango, resulting in a long and complex finish. This blend includes:

  • Barbados: Roasted walnut, banana, black pepper, tobacco, and smoky oak tannins.
  • Jamaica: Apples and bananas with vanilla and treacle-like sweetness.
  • Guyana: Dried tropical fruits, toasted coconut, vanilla, caramel sauce, and viscous honey.
  • Guatemala All-spice, cacao, banana, cashew, cinnamon, and vanilla bean.
  • Venezuela: Buttery spiced mocha coffee, bitter chocolate, espresso, spiced toffee, and fudge.

La Forza Rum VIII's intense aroma and rich flavour make it ideal for robust and flavourful cocktails. Its versatility allows it to shine in both simple mixes and more complex drinks.

La Forza Rum VIII Cocktails:

La Forza Old Fashioned:

Mix La Forza Rum with a sugar cube, a dash of bitters, and a twist of orange peel. 

Citrus Martini

La Forza Punch:

Blend La Forza Rum with tropical fruit juices such as pineapple and orange, a dash of grenadine, and a splash of soda water.

La Forza Negroni:

  • 30ml La Forza Rum
  • 30ml Vermouth Rosso Mancino
  • 30ml Campari

Garnish with orange zest.

The Stellar Rum XVII - The Star

The Star card symbolizes hope, inspiration, and new beginnings. It is a card of positivity, healing, and finding clarity after a difficult period. The Star encourages one to remain optimistic and trust in the journey ahead. For The Stellar Rum, this card captures the essence of enlightenment and renewal, reflecting the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating a balanced and refreshing rum that stands out in the world of spirits.

This white rum blend balances aromatic flavours with the right amount of spirit. It mainly avoids wood aging and charcoal filtering to preserve raw, captivating flavours while incorporating a touch of aged rum for depth. The blend includes four distinct rums from the Caribbean, South Africa, and the Mascarene Islands, resulting in a unique and multifaceted rum ideal for classic rum drinks and adventurous cocktails.

The Stellar Rum XVII is perfect for refreshing and tropical cocktails. Its balanced flavour profile also makes it suitable for creative and adventurous drink recipes.

The Stellar Rum XVII Cocktails:

Stellar Pina Colada:

  • 60ml The Stellar, Rum
  • 90ml pineapple juice
  • 30ml coconut cream

Blend with ice until smooth.

Citrus Martini

Stellar Mojito:

  • 60ml The Stellar Rum
  • fresh mint leaves
  • 30ml lime juice
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • soda water.

Muddle mint with sugar and lime juice, add rum, and top with soda water.

Stellar Tropical Punch:

Combine The Stellar Rum with mango, passion fruit, and orange juices, a splash of grenadine, and serve over ice.

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At JBE Imports, we are passionate spirits importers dedicated to fostering organic growth and building exceptional brands. With 20 years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on providing full support to our partners, forming strong and lasting partnerships. 

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