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The identity from the geographic location and taste has been a focus through the processes. Due to long hours of light, the warm days and cold nights in Norway,  we might have the best conditions in the world, for growing herbs and berries. The product is distilled in small batches, which gives us a very high potent gin with a sublime fruity expression.

Bareksten Gin is perfect with tonic water and for sure a perfect classic, Dry Martini. Bareksten Gin has a traditional base line, but you will find wild blueberries, lingonberries, rhubarb, elderflower, mint and an additional 20 different ingredients.


Bareksten double gin bottle

Bareksten Double Gin

Made by distilling juniper, distilling 8 other botanicals separately, then combining into Double gin 

700 ml bottles 43% abv

Bareksten Botanical gin bottle

Bareksten Botanical Gin

Made with 26 botanicals in a single distillation, Bareksten represents the essence of Norway, in both taste and character – dark, wild, breathtaking and dramatic.

700 ml bottles 46% abv

Bareksten Elsker pink gin bottle

Bareksten Elsker Dry Pink Gin

Juniper, herbs, citrus and red berries

700 ml bottles 40% abv

Bareksten Navy strength ginbottle

Bareksten Navy Strength Gin

A Navy-strength edition of Bareksten's award winning Botanical Gin, made with botanicals including juniper, coriander, blueberries and elderberry flowers.

700 ml bottles 58% abv

Bareksten Old Tom ginbottle

Bareksten Old Tom Gin

A fine balance of earthy herbs and sweetness, with a crackle of Norwegian forest floor spice underneath them both.

700 ml bottles 44% abv

Bareksten Vodka bottle

Bareksten Vodka

New to the UK, Bareksten Vodka is distilled with pure Norwegan water from the fjords and potatoes, resulting in smooth mouthfeel.

700 ml bottles 40% abv

Bareksten Aquavit bottle

Bareksten Aquavit

Built around a potato-based spirit, flavoured with classic aquavit botanicals along the lines of caraway, fennel, anise and more, then matured in sherry casks.

700 ml bottles 40% abv

Bareksten Absint bottle

Bareksten Absint

Produced at Norway's Oss Craft Distillery, Bareksten Illsint Absint is an aromatic spirit that can be had on its own or as part of a cocktail.

500 ml bottles 60% abv


Bareksten represents the essence of Norway – dark, wild, breathtaking, dramatic. Clean flavours inspired by ancient craft traditions are at the very heart of the brand’s ‘botanical wonders’. Stig is well known as the founder of Det Norske Brenneri (The Norwegian Distillery), where he developed brands such as Arvesølvet, Harahorn Gin and Eiktyrne. Now, Stig is chief distiller and general manager for Oss Craft Distillery, Bergen, where he produces the Bareksten range.

Stig Bareksten
Clover Club cocktail

Clover Club

50 Ml of Bareksten Gin 

15 Ml Simple Syrup 

15 Ml Lemon Juice 

15 Ml Dry Vermouth (optional) 

4 Raspberries 

8 drops Ms Betters Bitters Miraculous Foamer

Dry shake / Shake on ice / Finestrain