Gaierhof wines bottles


Family   broker  

The Gaierhof winery started its history back in 1940 with Germano Togn, who at that time was a wine broker. Germano started to vinify the grapes of farmers in the area and sell it in bulk in the region of Trentino. Within 15 years he acquired 5 wineries and started to produce selected parcels. In 1976, after the sudden death of his father Germano, things began to look better for the Togn family, the now-flourishing bulk-wine market permitted the ever-entrepreneurial Luigi to continue investing in modern equipment. They started to sell the wine bottled.

In 1991, Romina, Luigi’s eldest child, entered the winery management, at first directing the group’s finances, and later marketing and sales in Italy and abroad. In the late 1990s, it was the turn of Valentina; with academic training in agriculture, she oriented her activities towards the production side of the business.

Today Gaierhof is still a Negociant purchasing grapes from various growers in the region, this does not affect the quality as the Togn Family have a long relation with them and making sure that the grapes are at the best of their quality.



Gaierhof teroldego bottle

Teroldego Rotaliano

Trentino DOC 

Pronounced, distinctive bouquet with notes of raspberry and of toastiness from aging


Grilled meat, carne salata, and the traditional risotto al Teroldego

Gaierhof Chardonnay bottlele

Trentino Chardonnay DOC 

Trentino DOC 

French variety widely planted in the Trentino, with an apple fragrance and very well-structured palate


Seafood risottos, first courses of mushrooms, and medium-aged cheeses

Gaierhof Muller bottle

Müller Thurgau 

100% organic and Kosher certified 

Trentino DOC 

Clean-edged bouquet of grass and fresh wildflowers; light-bodied, with crisp acidity


Light antipasti, vegetable and fish first courses, perfect with Asian cuisines (sushi, sashimi)

Gaierhof Pinot Bianco bottlele

Pinot Bianco

Trentino DOC 

Delicate, well-fruited bouquet, subtly bitterish palate, easy-drinking


Vegetable first courses (gnocchi or risottos), young cheeses and goat cheese, light antipasti

Gaierhof Pinot Grigio bottle

Pinot Grigio

Trentino DOC 

Emphatic bouquet with impressions of pear, well-rounded and finely-balanced palate


Versatile wine to partner with traditional dishes, such as tripe, but with Chinese and Thai cuisines as well

Gaierhof Merlot bottle


Trentino DOC 

French grape widely-planted in the Trentino; spicy bouquet backgrounding berryfruit and spice


Hearty sauced first courses, game, and aged cheeses