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Romantica is based in Passirano...

Franciacorta  wines  

The home of Romantica is based in Passirano, in the heart of the Franciacorta production region. It is surrounded by ten hectares of Vineyard. This estate is managed by the Avanzi family, who have been devoted to wine making for over eighty years on the west shore of Lake Garda. Romantica produces a limited number of bottles in the Brut, Satèn, Rosé and Millesimato. The meticulous care of the vineyard, the innovative winemaking techniques and attention to detail are the basis of Romantica philosophy.

The Franciacorta brut is a 100% Chardonnay ripened to perfection before vinification, afterwards it is refined on yeasts for 30 months before disgorging. 

Romantica Millesimato bottle

Franciacorta Millesimato Romantica

100% chardonnay Vineyard of Passirano Straw yellow with golden shades Persistent but at the same time soft


It goes beautifully with tasty dishes based on white meats or even roasts and red meats. Exquisite also with some fresh cheeses, such as robiola or mozzarella. Ideal with fried fish.

Romantica Brut bottle

Franciacorta Brut Romantica

100% chardonnay Vineyard of Passirano Straw yellow drain Fine and persistent


Perfect for all meals. It goes well with delicate appetizers, risottos, fish dishes and medium-aged cheeses.

Romantica Rose bottle

Franciacorta Rose Romantica

90% Pinot Nero  10% Chardonnay Vineyard of Passirano Soft rose Authoritative and vigorous


It's exquisite throughout the meal, but it goes well with river prawns, not overly complex fish dishes or pesto trophies.

Romantica Saten bottle

Franciacorta Saten Romantica

100% chardonnay Vineyard of Passirano Straw yellow with golden rex Delicate


Ideal as an aperitif it goes perfectly with delicate first courses, crustacean vegetables.

Romantica barrels