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The Pearl of the Cuban Rums...

Taste of the centre

Originating in Santo Domingo, a town in the province of Villa Clara, Ron Cubay was first produced in 1964 after the Cuban revolution. The Cuban people have enjoyed Ron Cubay exclusively for over 50 years and now it has been released for the rest of the world to enjoy. Ron Cubay is produced with only Cuban molasses from sugar cane. Villa Clara is located in the centre of the Cuban Island. For this reason Ron Cubay is also called “The Taste of the Centre”.

A fun range of rums that can be enjoyed with friends in Cocktails, or on the rocks. Versatile enough to compliment the most ambitious mixologists signature drinks.

Come explore the rich heritage of Cubay, the meticulous craftsmanship involved in its production, and the journey each bottle undertakes before reaching the hands of discerning consumers.

Ron Cubay  Carta Blanca bottle

Ron Carta Blanca

Ron Cubay Blanco - Aged 3 years in American white oak ex bourbon barrels.

The Carta Blanca is the perfect rum for Cocktails and Longdrinks.

A typical Cuban rum emphasises her strength.

Made for Mojitos, Daiquaris and Pina Coladas

700 ml bottles 38% abv

Ron Carta Blanca

NOSE: Subtle fudge and toffee with faint dry vermouth and red pepper corn spice

TASTE: Soft mouthfeel, light creamy toffee balances black pepper spice with faint herbal notes

FINISH: Lingering vanilla fudge with cracked black pepper heat

Ron Cubay  Carta Dorada bottle

Ron Carta Dorada

The rum’s unique personality and gustatory features make this rum stand out. 

The Maestros Roneros created it by ageing barrels of different uses to forge the rum’s organoleptic characteristics. 

It is a very aromatic beverage with well balanced taste. The rum has been aged for an average of four years.

700 ml bottles 38% abv

Suave bottle

Ron Añejo Suave

Añejo Suave is a 5 year aged rum, with 2 of those years in Sherry casks

700 ml bottles 37.5% abv

Ron Cubay  Anejo bottle

Ron Añejo - 7 Años

The Añejo has an elegant bouquet with 7 years of natural aging. 

It tastes deep, assertive and highly flavoured. 

Very fragrant with herbal sharpness.

700 ml bottles 38% abv

Ron Cubay  Anejo bottle

Ron Añejo Reserva Especial - 10 Años

Añejo Superior is the premium end of the Ron Cubay range. 

It has been aged in North American White Oak barrels for 10 years. 

This exclusive rum has complex aromas of spices, vanilla and honey.

700 ml bottles 40% abv

Ron Cubay  Elixir bottle

Ron Cubay Elixir

A Rum punch of 33% abv - lighter on Abv and sweeter in taste

700 ml bottles 33% abv

Ron Cubay Extra Viejo bottle

Ron Cubay Extra Viejo

...created by Rum Maestro Cesar Marti


700 ml bottles 40% abv

Ron Cubay 1870 bottle

Ron Cubay 1870

Aged for 18 years, the rum vision created by Rum Maestro Cesar Marti

700 ml bottles 40% abv

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The Lovers Daiquiri cocktail


1 ½ oz of Cubay Carta Blanca Rum 

½ teaspoon of sugar 

Juice of ½ lemon. 


Mint leaves 

Ice cubes


Highball glass 

Dilute the sugar in the lemon juice and a little soda. 

Crush the peppermint stem without damaging the leaves to release the juice and add them. 

Add ice and Cubay Carta Blanca rum and fill the glass with soda. 

Stir and garnish with mint leaves.

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