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Rooted in the Cuban tradition since 1878,


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Sao Can offers a range of aged expressions that have captivated rum enthusiasts worldwide. With its smoothness, elegant profiles, and distinct flavours, Sao Can rums are perfect for savouring neat or enjoying in classic rum cocktails.


A Legacy of Cuban Craftsmanship: 

 Sao Can traces its origins back to 1878 when Josè Arechabala commenced the first production of Aguardiente and Ron in the city of Cardenas. Nestled in Cardenas, a city blessed with a railway and a bustling port, Sao Can benefits from the rich derivatives of molasses and raw sugar, making it one of Cuba's oldest distilleries for alcohol, liqueurs, and Ron. The name "Sao Can" itself pays homage to the fusion of two renowned Cuban cocktails predating the Mojito—the Saoco and the Canchanchara—both celebrated for their connection to Aguardiente.


The Maestro Ronero, akin to an orchestra conductor, holds the key to Sao Can's exceptional quality. Combining scientific knowledge with artistic expertise, these individuals make choices that shape the entire company's output through their discerning palate. Sao Can's Maestro Ronero, César Augusto Martí  Marcelo, earned the prestigious rank of Maestro Ronero Cubano in 2009, awarded by the top management of the Cuba Ron company.  Each cask of Sao Can rum undergoes his meticulous approval, ensuring that only the finest expressions reach consumers.

Sao Can Reserva rum

Sao Can Reserva 10 is a classic Cuban rum known for its smooth and elegant profile. It undergoes gentle oak aging, resulting in a silky texture and deliciously sweet sugar notes. This rum is highly recommended for use in various classic rum cocktails.

Sweet & Smooth with notes of vanilla & licorice

700 ml bottles - 40% abv - Cases of 6

Crafting Sao Can Cuban Rum: 

The fermentation process at Sao Can involves the use of yeasts bred in Ronera, allowing for a distinctive flavour profile. Cuban distilleries cultivate their own yeast strains, guarding them as valuable trademarks. This 24-hour fermentation results in a "cane wine" with an alcohol content of 5% to 6%, providing the foundation for Aguardiente's aromatic qualities. Distillation takes place using continuous column stills, which are tailored to the specific needs of the Maestri Roneri, contributing to the uniqueness of Sao Can rum.


Sao Can Reserva 14 bottle

Sao Can Reserva 14 YO is a Cuban rum aged for 14 years. It is a blend of molasses rums that have been matured in various barrels and bottled with its natural colour.

Notes of aged rum and fruits

700 ml bottles - 40% abv - Cases of 6

The Art of Aging 

Once distilled, Sao Can's raw aguardiente possesses a colourless hue. To attain its characteristic depth and complexity, it undergoes natural aging in American white oak barrels. However, before this aging process, a rectification step is conducted to reduce the aguardiente's high alcohol concentration of 74% - 76%. The addition of demineralized water brings the alcohol content to around 40% to 50%. The resulting aguardiente forms the true essence and richness of Ron Dop Cuba.


Sao Can Reserva 20 bottle

Sao Can Reserva 20 YO is a testament to the complex aging that can be achieved with the true understanding of the influence of the Rum/air/wood. Sao Can 20 is best enjoyed sipped at room temperature or in cocktails calling for depth of complex flavours.

Notes of caramel and spices

700 ml bottles - 40% abv - Cases of 6


Sao Can Cuban Rum stands as a testament to Cuban craftsmanship, with a legacy dating back to 1878. From the careful fermentation process to the meticulous choices of the Maestro Ronero, Sao Can rum showcases the artistry involved in creating a truly exceptional spirit. Through natural aging in American white oak barrels, Sao Can rums develop their signature smoothness, elegant profiles, and distinct flavours. Whether sipped neat or enjoyed in classic rum cocktails, Sao Can offers a captivating experience that pays homage to Cuban tradition and the expertise of its master craftsmen.