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Vini Panacea   

South facing vineyards...


Irpinia  Region  


Vini Panacea is a new concept, founded in 2011 by Pina and Raffaele. They have always worked for other producers, Pina in the administration and Raffaele as winemaker. 

For more than 20 years they have worked together and had the goal to own a winery. They own vineyards in the most prestigious hills of the Irpinia region, touching the only 3 DOCGs in the Campania region. 

Their philosophy is to get the best quality wine with the lowest intervention as possible, a long and slow ripening of the grapes, and harvesting only when they reach full maturity. In the winery the skilled Raffaele treats every singular variety in a different way depending also on vintage to vintage, he feels what his grapes needs. 

Fiano grapes grow on a slope north from Avellino at an altitude of 350-400m with south facing that allows the grapes to get the best sun all day and reach full maturity.

Greco is grown on the slopes of Montefusco at an altitude of 700m, at this altitude the grapes ripen very slowly gaining flavour and retaining their natural acidity, resulting in wines full of depth and freshness. 

The hills that flank the Calore river have been home to the Aglianico vines for more than 20 years. In this area Aglianico finds the perfect microclimate for a very slow ripening, absorbing as much sun as possible and deepening its flavours, the harvest is manual and happens in the first days of November. The wine spends 2 years in large French oak barrels and Tonneau, to soften its strong character. Afterwards it is left for 1 year in bottle to settle before being released to the market. 

The entry level wines are made with the second press of their top cuvees, Campania Bianco is a blend of Greco, Fiano and Falanghina, fermented in stainless steel to keep the full floral and fruity aromas of this varieties. Campania rosso is a blend of Aglianico and Sangiovese, a great combination of power and freshness. 

Vini Panacea Campania Falanghina  bottle

Campania Falanghina VINO BIANCO IGT

Produced using only Falangina grapes, straw yellow in colour, with a pleasant fruity aroma of peach and apple. Palatable and refreshing, taste ready for immediate drink.

Excellent on a tuna mousse, octopus salad, pilaf rice with prawns and with sea food.

Vini Panacea campania rosso bottle

Campania Rosso VINO ROSSO IGT

Ruby red in colour, at nose it has the sensation of berry fruits. In the mouth it is refreshing and enjoyable.

It goes well with every kind of meat dish and mature cheeses.

Vini Panacea Campania Bianco bottlele

Campania bianco VINO BIANCO IGT

Produced using Falanghina, Coda di volpe, Greco and Fiano grapes. Straw yellow in color, at the nose present a hint of tropical fruits.

It is very fresh and enjoyable wine. Excellent on appetizers, white meat and soups.

Vini Panacea Greco do Tufo bottle


Produced using only Greco grapes, bright straw yellow in colour its nose, a sensation of orange blossoms and a hint of almonds. A rich, rounded and full bodied flavor refined taste.

Ideal with octopus, mussel mozzarella and gilt head.

Vini Panacea Fiano di Avellino bottle

Fiano di Avellino VINO BIANCO DOCG

Produced using only Fiano grapes, bright straw yellow in colour, the aroma, a mix of white flowers, stewed apple, hazelnut and fennel leaf refined and lasting taste.

It goes well with seafood, rich fish dishes.

Vini Panacea Campania Aglianico bottle

Irpinia Aglianico DOC RED WINE

Produced from pure Aglianico grapes. Ruby red color, with a pleasant and fruity nose with spicy and balsamic notes.

In the mouth it is soft and good-bodied, ideal on tasty first courses, stewed meats and cheeses.

Vini Panacea Taurasi bottle

Taurasi riserva VINO ROSSO DOCG

Produced using only Aglianico grapes. Ruby colour with orange nuances. Its bouquet is a thrilling blend of balsamic, walnut husk and morello cherry a refined flavour with a good texture and a pleasant hint of liquorice.

At nose it has the sensation of berry fruits, in the mouth is refreshing and enjoyable, it goes well with every kind of meat dish and mature cheeses.